IBS - INTELSAT Business Services.

IFRB - International Frequency Registration Board of the ITU - International Telecommunications Union.  The IFRB regulates the allocation of satellite orbital locations.

IMN Number - Inmarsat Mobile number.  The IMN provides the international identification number of the mobile terminal.

Inclination - The angle between the orbital plane of a satellite and the equatorial plane of the earth.

INMARSAT - The International Maritime Satellite Organization operates a network of satellites for international transmissions for all types of international mobile services including maritime, aeronautical, and land mobile.

INTELSAT - The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization operates a network of satellites for international transmissions.

Interference - Energy which tends to interfere with the reception of the desired signals, such as fading from airline flights, RF interference from adjacent channels, or ghosting from reflecting objects such as mountains and buildings.

Inter Satellite Link - ISL - Radio or optical communications links between satellites.  They serve to interconnect constellations of satellites.

INTERSPUTNIK - The international entity formed by the Soviet Union to provide international communications via a network of Soviet satellites.

IRD - An integrated receiver and decoder for reception of a transmission of voice, video and data.

Iridium Satellite System - This was a 66 satellite network designed for mobile telephone use

ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network - A CCITT standard for integrated transmission of voice, video and data. Bandwidths include: Basic Rate Interface - BR (144 Kbps - 2 B & 1 D channel) and Primary Rate - PRI (1.544 and 2.048 Mbps).

ISO - International Standards Organization. Develops standards such as JPEG and MPEG. Closely allied with the CCITT.

Isotropic Antenna - A hypothetical omnidirectional point-source antenna that serves as an engineering reference for the measurement of antenna gain.

ITU - International Telecommunication Union.

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