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As well as greater bandwidth and seamless mobility worldwide, mariners will gain access to a wave of new specialist applications and content, according to Frank Coles, President of Inmarsat Maritime.

Operational efficiency moves to next level
Global Xpress (GX) will redefine what’s possible in maritime communications, with the availability of higher bandwidth on a consistent, end-to-end global basis. It makes video a viable proposition and enables advanced applications such as telemedicine and video surveillance, that take your operational efficiency to the next level.

It will help keep your crew happy with regular video calls back home, the ability to watch sport and the news, shop online and use social media – via their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Exclusive access to specialist applications
Besides more bandwidth, GX will give you exclusive access to specialist maritime applications and content. Download the latest chart update, engine monitoring and weather-routing applications, all from a centralised source. And distribute real-time to all the vessels in your fleet simultaneously.

Inmarsat will offer an unprecedented level of availability for VSAT services through a combination of both GX and FleetBroadband. GX is about to set a new standard in maritime communications and it comes from a trusted supplier that’s been serving the market for over 30 years.

Seamless mobility across the globe
Whatever your course, Inmarsat GX will have you covered with a global network that’s owned and managed solely by Inmarsat. Purposely designed for mobility, it will provide a continuous, consistent service as traffic is handed seamlessly across each spot beam and from one satellite to another.

Inmarsat GX will be complemented by our FleetBroadband service on the Inmarsat-4s. We are the only satellite network that combines both Ka-band and L-band technologies to provide full global coverage.

Consistent higher performance
Because our network is global, Inmarsat GX will deliver higher performance consistently – with a downlink up to 50Mbps and an uplink to 5Mbps. Inmarsat GX will enable seamless, real-time operations between vessels and land offices, plus enhanced communications and entertainment for the crew.

Remote assistance and diagnostics can be carried out over a video link to solve problems more quickly and maximise your operational efficiency.

Most reliable satellite communications network
Inmarsat has been operating the most reliable satellite communications network for over 30 years and quality of service is fundamental to our business. For extra resilience, Inmarsat GX will be complemented by our FleetBroadband service on the Inmarsat-4s, which deliver 99.9 per cent overall network availability.

This is underpinned by a fully redundant ground network and terminals that go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet our exacting quality standards.

Simpler and quicker to install
Inmarsat GX will be much simpler and quicker to install than existing Ku-band systems, minimising any downtime in the dock for your vessels.

There’s the option of a smaller 60cm terminal that doesn’t require a crane for installation, and the set-up for all terminals will be just as simple as it is today for FleetBroadband. Once on board, our global, all-IP network enables point-and-click capability with a consistent user experience worldwide.

More affordable high-speed broadband
GX terminals will be lower cost than those currently available for Ku-band, and services will be available for a fixed monthly fee so you can easily manage your budget.

Global Xpress operates in the Ka-band, which is already more efficient in its use of bandwidth, but because we own and manage the entire global network, we can make more effective use of satellite resources to achieve significant cost savings. The net result is more affordable high-speed broadband.

More compact terminals
Inmarsat GX will deliver higher data rates through more compact and affordable terminals than those operating in the Ku-band. Terminals will be available in either a 60cm or one metre format from leading suppliers to the maritime market.

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