Compact Marine VSAT
Intellian produces a range of smaller VSAT systems ideal for smaller vessels, such as fishing boats, patrol craft, yachts and workboats, where space is at a premium.

Without reducing the quality and reliability, these smaller systems are designed with considerable savings in weight, an important factor on a small vessel, this also helps during installation, reducing the reliance on cranes.

Compact Maritime Satellite Communication VSAT Terminals
The Intellian v60E and v60Ka 2 are based on the same lightweight platform to deliver a cost effective satellite communication solution on either Ku- or Ka-bands.

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Discover the Compact Maritime VSAT Antenna Systems
The compact VSAT solutions also lower the total cost of ownership by reducing freight and installation costs. A single coax cable connection from the below deck antenna control unit to the antenna helps reduce installation time and complexity.

Aptus, Intellian’s intelligent antenna management and control platform enables quick and easy installation and advanced antenna management.

Compact and Lightweight
- Ideal for smaller vessels which have limited space for a larger system
- Compact package reduces freight and deployment costs
- Overall lower total cost of ownership

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Lowers the total cost of ownership, while improving reliability and streamlining maintenance
- Aptus - remote installation wizard for faster and more accurate commissioning
- Single cable installation reduces installation time and cost
- Industry-leading warranty

Quick and Easy Installation
- Single Cable connection
- Pre-slung lifting straps
- Aptus step by step installation wizard to guide easy installation

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